There is no more knowledgeable guide to the Exuma Cays than Capt. Jerry Lewless, a 5th generation Exumian, born in his grandfather’s house at The Ferry, Little Exuma in a bedroom dissected by the Tropic of Cancer. Capt. Jerry’s mother was the Shark Lady of Hogs Cay on Little Exuma, who caught sharks with a hand line. Her home still stands as a small museum.

Capt. Jerry is an environmentalist. He reveres the sea life and fauna in the 365 unspoiled islands and cays in the Exumas chain where the amazing sea colors may be the prettiest in all of the 700 islands of the Bahamas.

A trip with Capt. Jerry can be spiritual: two green turtles swim out and follow his boat, viewing a colony of starfish with an admonition from Capt. Jerry to look and not touch, through to the importance of mangroves to natural land preservation, and trees with cascarilla bark used to make Campari. And Wild Dilly also known as the Gum Tree with round fruit Capt. Jerry chewed as gum when he was a child. Or leaves from a tree that will treat poison ivy and anything else that ails you.

For a memorable Exuma experience go with Capt. Jerry for a half day on his Twin Vee catamaran excursion in George Town’s Elizabeth Harbour, or go north for the day to Staniel Cay, or south to Long Island with a stop at a glorious sandbar with pristine virgin white sand. Or go with him for some light tackle fishing for bone fish and reef snapper and grouper.

Exuma’s water, beaches, weather and cloud formations are a memorable experience. Everywhere you look, there’s a different color of blue.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” film crew stayed in Capt. Jerry Master Harbour Villas outside of George Town, so he provides an insider’s guide to the Elizabeth Harbour caves used for Pirates of the Caribbean Movies.

Capt. Jerry, has spent his life on the sea in the Exuma island chain. He combines a clean, ship-shape mentality and very relaxed atmosphere, with a peaceful emphasis on fun! Capt. Jerry —- the best guide in the Bahamas.

Capt. Jerry’s reveres the land and sea as only someone with a lifetime of experience close to nature can ever achieve.

Capt. Jerry can be your “unofficial” ambassador to the Bahamas out-islands. He provides an experience unlike any other in this part of the world.

Let Capt. Jerry know the number of adults and children because he does things like bury gold coins in the sandbar for young children to find.